All features of VisCon

VisCon is a powerfull toolbox for users who want to create documents. Below we have created a list of all features in VisCon.

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  • All the text editing tools you would expect from an editor such as undo and redo, search and a powerful find and replace, cut copy, paste, select all and more.
  • Have all the documents you need open at the same time in VisCon with our great file switcher.
  • Format documents without writing any type of code. Everything you might need is in the menus. You can also find a reference manual in the help menu if you want to write everything without changing your focus from your writing.
  • Preview your documents inside VisCon. No need to export or even save the document before seeing the great result. Perfect, if you want to check your layout before exporting.
  • Adjust VisCon to your style by changing wordwrapping, language and more. In addition, the color scheme follows the settings you’ve set for the rest of your system.
  • Save as Markdown or simple text-format (.md and .txt). Great for portability. For instance start a document on your computer, save it to Dropbox, Google Drive etc. and continue on another computer or even your smartphone or tablet.
  • Import documents that are written in the Microsoft Word format or even in HTML-format, if you know this markup language. Very useful if you want to edit the document without riscing the structure and format. Note however that some fonts might change if you export a document.
  • Export your document as Word (.docx), HTML or RTF-format. Nobody will ever guess you didn’t use Word to compose your document.
  • Watch nice document statistics. See how many characters you’ve written so far, how many lines your document contains or how many pages your document will be if exported to Microsoft Word. Great for students who needs documents of a certain length.
  • VisCon can automatically detect and import any textencoding. Very useful if you are unsure of the encoding when opening a document. You can also force VisCon to open and save in specific text encodings, if you need your document to be in a specific encoding..
  • VisCon is tested with assistive technologies on both Windows and MacOS to insure that as many as possible can benefit from the power of VisCon.

Now that you have read all about what VisCon can do why not Download viscon?

Help and support

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